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Keto Fast Food Options

The keto diet continues to gain popularity, but if you are on it, you may have noticed that there are not always many easy meal options when you are out and about. It is entirely possible to follow the keto diet while eating fast food. We will not let you down! Here are some delicious keto fast food options to match your taste buds.

1. Burgers served without a bun.

Burgers are a fast-food classic, but the bread and several additional sauces may make them unsuitable for keto dieters. Many fast-food restaurants recognize this and provide a low-carb version of their burgers without the bun. To preserve the structure similar to a burger, they can wrap the components in a lettuce leaf or package them in a wrapper.

Burgers served without a bun
Burgers served without a bun

In-N-Out, for example, serves its iconic burgers “protein style,” which means the bun is replaced with a lettuce wrap. The average carbohydrate content of their Double-double with onion is 39 grams. This similar burger has 11g total carbs and is protein style. While removing the bun removes many carbs, it is also vital to pay attention to the additional condiments on the burger.

Sugar can be found in condiments like ketchup and relish, which adds to the meal’s carbohydrate count. Nevertheless, full-fat mayonnaise is often heavy in fat and low in carbs, making it an excellent condiment for keto fast foods.

2. Bowls of burritos

Burrito tortillas have more carbohydrates than ordinary tortillas. Burrito bowls are available at many fast-food restaurants. These are bowls that have the same components as a burrito but do not include the tortilla. One example is Chipotle Mexican Grill. The company sells a variety of goods that are not prepared with tortillas.

Keep in mind that other ingredients in burritos, such as rice and beans, may include more carbohydrates than keto diets typically allow. El Pollo Loco sells a salad version of their double protein avocado Pollo fit bowl, which has roughly 9 grams of net carbohydrates. Some chains may have selections that are acceptable for a variety of diets, including the ketogenic diet.

3. Bacon or sausage, as well as eggs

Bacon or sausage and eggs, for example, might sometimes be the most delectable breakfast option. This classic breakfast combination is available at most fast-food eateries and has a low carbohydrate count. Furthermore, eggs can help you stay full and satisfied for several hours. Breakfast with sausage and eggs helped overweight young women lose weight in one study. Compared to a low-protein, high-carb breakfast, it also reduced blood sugar and insulin levels while lowering calorie intake at lunch.

4. Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings are tasty and enjoyable to eat. They could potentially be a low-carb alternative at pizza restaurants and sports bars, depending on how they are made. Buffalo wings are traditionally served with a fiery red sauce prepared from vinegar and fiery red peppers. A serving of these buffalo wings typically contains 0–3 grams of carbohydrates. Wings are sometimes coated or battered and fried, which is particularly frequent for boneless wings. As a result, make careful to inquire about the wings’ preparation and order them without any breading or batter.

5. Nuggets

While most chicken nuggets contain breading or flour that is not suited for keto diets, some restaurants provide keto-friendly nuggets. Chick-fil-A, for example, sells grilled chicken nuggets. A 12-piece dish has only 2g of carbohydrates. However, keep in mind that other items, like dipping sauces, can contain carbohydrates and sugars, so check each restaurant’s low-carb selections before adding them to a meal.

6. Sandwiches and subs without bread

Some fast-food restaurants may provide alternatives to bread to assist individuals cut down on their carbohydrate intake. For example, a chain might make a “breadless sub” by placing the same sandwich contents as a conventional sub on a bed of lettuce rather than within a roll. This method can drastically cut the number of carbohydrates in a meal. Subway, for example, serves many of its classic subs in salads as well. As a result, the 6-inch black forest ham sandwiches from Subway has 42 grams of total carbs. A black forest ham salad, on the other hand, has 12g of total carbs.

7. Grilled chicken

Many fast-food restaurants include chicken, albeit the chicken in sandwiches and other meal options is frequently breaded and fried. This raises the carbohydrate content of the meal, making it unfit for keto diets. When possible, choose grilled chicken over fried chicken to reduce the amount of flour and carbohydrates in a meal. KFC, for instance, is known for its fried chicken, but they also provide a grilled chicken option. There are no carbohydrates in each piece of KFC grilled chicken.

8. Antipasto Salad

Pizza, pasta, and subs are popular high-carb dishes at Italian eateries. However, Antipasto salad is a tasty low-carb option and it is one of the best keto fast food options.  This salad, which consists of varied meats, cheese, olives, and vegetables topped with an olive-oil-based dressing, is generally served as an appetizer. It is, however, available as an entrée in a more significant portion. Antipasto salad is high in protein and has less than 10 grams of digestible carbohydrates in an entrée-size dish.

9. Nut butter packets

Many people on the keto diet find that single-serving nut butter packets are a filling snack. For example, Justin’s sells various nut butters in convenient 32-gram squeeze packets, ideal for on-the-go snacks. Each packet of Justin’s Classic almond butter has 5 grams of total carbohydrates, 3 grams of which are dietary fibre.

10. Coffee or tea with creamer

Coffee or tea with creamer

At most fast-food places, where sugar-sweetened beverages may add unneeded carbohydrates to a drink, black coffee and unsweetened tea are simple drink alternatives. However, using a half-and-half creamer to give a little extra flavour without adding too many carbs can make for a more enjoyable drink. Half-and-half creamer has 1.3 carbohydrates per fluid oz, according to the USDA.

Even if a menu only has high-carb options, most fast-food restaurants can provide a wonderful low-carb meal as keto fast food options with a few simple modifications.

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